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Searching for A.W./Calling For You

Chapter 212

A.W (Aren Wōkā) wo Tazunete Kimi wo yobu
Chapter Information
Release Date January 31, 2012
Magazine Jump Square
Arc Searching for Allen Walker arc
Night 212
Volume Volume 23
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Searching for A.W./Reunion
Searching for A.W./Hiding Someone

Searching for A.W/Calling For You (A.W.(アレン・ウォーカー)をたずねて・君を呼ぶ, A.W (Aren Wōkā) wo Tazunete Kimi wo yobu) is the two hundred and twelfth chapter in the D.Gray-man series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


After Allen Walker runs away from them without explanation, Yu Kanda and Johnny Gill give chase. As they search, Kanda notices a strange aura, but before he can look into it, Johnny takes out a misshapen golem and releases it, revealing that in the brief moment he had hugged Allen, he had planted a tracking device on him that his golem, which cannot be tracked by the Order, can locate.

Meanwhile, with Allen, Timcanpy has noticed the small tracking device in Allen's hair and eats it, something Allen doesn't notice in his pain. As his pain and the overwhelming fear of Nea's takeover begins to cloud his mind, Allen hallucinates a man who looks like Tyki Mikk walking up to him and asking Nea if he hates him. Then, an Akuma starts to emerge from a Gate beneath Allen, but before it can get to him Kanda and Johnny finally catch up, Kanda defeating the Akuma.

Allen becomes angry at Kanda, demanding to know why he came back after he had worked hard to see him and Alma Karma free. Kanda responds angrily, and his words make Allen realize that Alma has passed on, which makes him start crying. Allen then collapses, and Johnny and Kanda take him to a nearby hotel so Allen can get some rest.

At the hotel, Kanda slips out to talk to someone, demanding to know why he's been stalking them. And the person in the shadows is... Howard Link?!


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