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Saying Goodbye to A.W. - Red and the Dog [Feelings] (A.Wに別れを告げる・赤腕と犬【感想】, A. W ni wakare o tsugeru aka ude to inukansō】) is night 235 of the D.Gray-man Manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino. It was released in Jump SQ Rise on January 27, 2020.


The cover features Allen Walker and Nea D. Campbell, who are both holding their right hand to their chest.


While the confrontation between Road Kamelot and Cross Marian continues, Red finds a friend in Allen. This newfound friendship, however, proves short-lived.


The confrontation between Road and Cross continues. Cross tells Road not to continue to allow the Noah to control her, and points out that she wants to save Mana Walker, too. As he continues to encourage her to fight against the Noah's control, tears begin to fall from Road's eyes, before she disappears. [1]

Meanwhile, the Ringmaster congratulates Mana on a job well done in that night's show. At the suggestion from another member of the troupe that this was discuss a permanent contract with Mana, Cosimov flies into a rage and strikes him down. Red simply stares wide-eyed at the angry Cosimov, before Mana's dog, Allen playfully jumps on him.[2]

From then on, much to Red's dismay, Allen follows him around while he takes care of various errands. Eventually, as snow begins to fall, Allen falls asleep while leaning against Red; this sparks old memories in the young boy of the warmth of being held.[3] He wonders about why he has lost memories of his past, and wishes that he could at least remember his name; vaguely remembering a promise he made to someone that he would not forget it.[4]

A short while later, Cosimov makes his way outside with food for the dog. On the way out, however, he bumps into Apocryphos,[5] and begins to panic when the collision causes the a vial of poison to fall out of his pocket. Apocryphos simply apologizes for the collision before leaving, and Cosimov swiftly picks up the poison. After briefly wondering who the stranger is, Cosimov goes to give the food to Allen.

Red almost immediately becomes extremely suspicious of the food, warning Allen not to eat it. A fight breaks out which ends up with Red being knocked unconscious by Cosimov. Allen retaliates by biting Cosimov, but the altercation ends when Cosimov brutally punches him.[6]

Some time later, Red wakes up in a panic and immediately tries to find Allen. He frantically runs in search of the dog, and is soon relieved to see he'd just finished a show with Mana. Red thanks Allen for his help, but the two are interrupted by Cosimov being scolded by the Ringmaster for not being able to perform properly. Cosimov rages over what Allen did to his arm, swearing that he will make Allen pay.[7]

Concerned, Red tells Allen to stay away from him, and to make sure to stay with Mana at all times. When Allen licks Red's cursed hand, Red hugs the dog tightly before allowing it to run back to its master.[8]

Despite this, the next morning, Red is confronted by the scene of Mana kneeling over Allen's dead body.[9]


Note that the whole chapter takes place in a flashback. As such, the time of the flashback narrative is considered as the base to label the relative chronological apparition of the characters.


Chapter Notes[]

  • This chapter deviates from the Light Novel recollection of the events. In the novel Allen died from glass mixed up in his food by Cosimov. Here Cosimov attempts to use poison but Red ruins his plan and Allen's eventual cause of death is left unclear.



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