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Saying Goodbye to Allen Walker - Red and the Pierrot (A.W(アレン・ウォーカー)に別れを告げる・赤腕とピエロ, A.W. (Aren Wōkā) ni wakare o tsugeru ・ Akaude to piero) is Night 236 of the D.Gray-man Manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino. It was released in Jump SQ Rise on April 27, 2020.


Mana is standing over Allen's body.


Mana desperately tries to keep it together after he discovers Allen's body, but Red finally breaks down over the loss of his friend.


Mana kneels before Allen's dead body, willing himself not to cry or grieve in fear of summoning the Millennium Earl.[1] As he apologises to his beloved dog for not being able to mourn him, he remembers when he first met him at the circus. A member of the troupe explains that Allen used to perform with them, but his owner had fallen ill and died. No longer having a use for Allen, they had him thrown out; but the dog kept returning, mostly likely in hopes of being fed.[2]

Seeing the downtrodden dog sitting in the rain, Mana instantly feels a connection with him; he knows all too well the feeling of losing a loved one, and with that, he asks Allen to come with him.[3] Mana tells Allen that he too has someone he would like to meet again, and suggests that the two look for those they wish to meet together. With that, Mana and Allen walk off together.[4]

Meanwhile, Mana screams as Apocryphos' feathers emerge from his hands, and a shadow begins to extend from him.[3][4] With a tear in his eye, he continues to insist he is not grieving and rationalises this by assuring himself that Allen has simply returned to the Helix—the origin of all life.[5] With this, the feathers growing from his hands begin to recede, and he cradles Allen's body in his arms.[5] As he holds back more tears, he begins to dig a hole for Allen's grave. As he buries his beloved dog, he remembers the words Nea D. Campbell spoke once to him: "Keep walking, Mana".[6]

Mana reaffirms that he will always keep walking in order to see Nea again, and in that moment, Nea appears before him to tell him that he will.[6] However, his image disappears as quickly as it came, leaving Mana shocked. He does not have much more time to react, however, as Red appears behind him.[7]

Red bluntly asks if Allen is dead, and immediately suggests that it was Cosimov who was behind it. Seemingly calm, Mana reassures him that Allen was an old dog, and probably would not have lived much longer anyway. This does not appease Red, however, and he does not understand why Mana does not want to get revenge. When Mana explains that by doing that, he would be kicked out of the troupe and therefore not get paid, Red is left believing that he cares more about money than his friend—just like everyone else in the circus troupe.[8][9]

Mana then asks Red to remind him who he was, and after telling him he is an errand boy who has served him lunch on occasion. Mana then notices the bruises on Red's face and tries to rub his saliva on them, claiming it is a disinfectant. Mana smiles slightly at Red's flustered reaction.[10] This does not last long, however, as when Red asks Mana if he is sad, his facade begins to waver, his lips quivering.[10] Despite this, Mana once again disguises his grief with humour, as he pretends to hang himself. He then explains that he cannot cry, and that his tears dried up long ago. Red is not convinced, however, as when he looks at the older man's smiling face, he concludes that he is actually crying.[11]

Red does not understand how Mana can smile when he is sad, or how he is not angry; Allen was a friend who was supposed to travel with Mana forever. While he desperately tries to hold back from caring for his new found friend, Red asks for the dog's name.[12] But he breaks down and tears flow from his eyes.[13] Upon seeing this, Mana thanks him for grieving for Allen, and holds him in a tight embrace.[14] It was then that Mana realises that Red was Allen's friend. Not only this, but Red acknowledges that this is the first time he has cried in front of someone.[15]

Meanwhile, Apocryphos looks upon the scene at a distance, stating that the two are bound by karma. He then claims that the child would destroy Mana, referring to him as the Millennium Earl; if this happens, then the wielder of The Heart would be revived.[16] Red eventually cries himself to sleep, and dreams of a tree in a golden meadow, as Mana carries him on his back.[16]

Some time later, Red wakes up on a bench in the town square, where Mana instantly puts him to work, explaining that he had asked the Ringmaster if they could be paired up.[17] He gives Red his coat to cover up his arm, then whisks him onto his shoulder as he performs a trick on a ball.[18][19] The crowd's eyes are on them, and among them is a shocked looking Cross Marian.[20]

Mana tells Red to smile, as this is now their stage which was brought together by tragedy.[20]



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