Saying Goodbye to Allen Walker - Red and Mana (A.W(アレン・ウォーカー)に別れを告げる・赤腕とマナ, A.W. (Aren Wōkā) ni wakare o tsugeru ・ Akaude to Mana) is Night 237 of the D.Gray-Man Manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino. It was released in Jump SQ Rise on July 29th, 2020.


Allen Walker stands with his left hand raised.


Upon hearing about Red's intimidating encounter with a man "dressed as a priest", Mana runs off in search of him, thinking that it is Nea.


As Cross watches Mana and Red from a distance, he thinks about how Mana has forgotten his true identity as the Millennium Earl, which makes it the perfect time to destroy him. As well as this, Cross confirms he has been searching for Nea's host for decades, as Nea must be the one to destroy the Earl; therefore if anyone else were to get too close to Mana, he would eliminate them.[1] [2]

Meanwhile, Red is still bemused after Mana lifted him onto his shoulders and demands to be put back down, however Mana simply requests that he just keep on smiling.[1] With that, Mana performs a magic trick which makes flowers rain down upon the audience, which pleases the crowd immensely. Mana explains that he loves this trick because it makes people smile for him, and upon hearing this, Red smiles warmly.[3]

After the crowd leave plenty of money after the performance, Red thinks back to all of the smiling faces he saw during the performance. However, his warm thoughts are interrupted by Cross, who demands to know his name.[4] Red is initially confused, but when Cross asks him if his name is "Allen", he angrily denies it.[5] With that, Cross warns Red to not get any closer to Mana. He also threatens to kill Red if anything were to happen to Mana.[6] As Cross walks away, Red is simply left to wonder what the man's problem is, as well as who Mana is.[6]

Mana soon approaches, thinking Red had called his name. Red seems confused, but this turns to panic when the clown confirms his name is Mana.[7] Red tells Mana about the encounter he had with Cross (describing him as someone dressed like a priest), and upon hearing this, Mana dashes off thinking that the man may have been Nea.[8] Confused, Red gives chase, and calls out Mana's name just as he runs passed Apocryphos.[9]



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