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}} Saying Goodbye to Allen Walker - Red and Mana ③ (A.Wに別れを告げる・赤腕とマナ③, A.W. (Aren Wōkā) ni wakare o tsugeru ・ Akaude to Mana ③) is Chapter 239 of D.Gray-man.


Allen, Kanda, Howard Link, and Nea D. Campbell stand back-to-back.


While Mana and Red rush back to the circus after admiring the sunset, Cosimov visits Allen's grave, confident he has gotten away with his murder.

However, Apocryphos soon arrives, rewriting not only Cosimov's memories but also the memories of the entire Garvey Circus troupe, leading them all to believe that Red is the one who killed Allen.


As Allen continues telling Kanda the story of his past, he wonders why the sunset he watched with Mana was so beautiful.[1]

Mana suddenly realises the circus will be opening soon, so he and Red rush back.[2] Meanwhile, Cosimov looms over Allen's grave, clutching his wounded arm.[3] Confident that Mana will leave the circus now his companion is dead, Cosimov declares there is no proof linking him to Allen's death, and all he would have to do is play innocent.[3] However, unbeknownst to Cosimov, Timcanpy is close by watching his confession.[3]

Just as a grin forms on Timcanpy's face, Apocryphos attacks him from behind, the blow shattering the golem into pieces.[4][5] The fragments buzz and fizz, making Apocryphos conclude that his attack was not enough to destroy Timcanpy.[6] While it did allow him to confirm his suspicion that Timcanpy could not record behind him, Apocryphos is aware that Cross may already sense that something is amiss.[6]

In the meantime, the explosion alerts Cosimov to Apocryphos' presence.[7] Apocryphos grabs Cosimov and drags him closer. Feathery tendrils emerge from Cosimov's eyes as Apocryphos rewrites his memories.[8] At the same time, the ringmaster, as well as the rest of the Garvey Circus troupe suffer the same fate — they are all told to believe one thing: It was Red who killed Allen.[9]

Afterwards, Apocryphos drops Cosimov and leaves his unconscious body lying in the snow.[10]



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