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Saying Goodbye to Allen Walker - Red and Mana ⑤ (A.Wに別れを告げる・赤腕とマナ⑤, A.W. (Aren Wōkā) ni wakare o tsugeru ・ Akaude to Mana ⑤) is Chapter 241 of D.Gray-man.


Red's Innocence activates as he is consumed by fury.


Red is consumed by a fiery rage as his Innocence activates, and he attacks Cosimov with the intent to destroy him. Mana, however, tries to stop him because he does not want Red to kill anyone.

Mana encourages Red to stop, and for them to get out of there together, but Red does not understand why he is protecting Cosimov. When Red — still being controlled by his anger — grabs Mana's face, his Innocence causes a painful reaction.

Meanwhile, Apocryphos watches on from a distance, pleased with Red's actions. He begins his own attack on Mana.


Cosimov's savage actions cause Red to be consumed by rage. Cosimov and Mana look on as his Innocence activates.[1][2] Cosimov is horrified, but this soon turns to a maniacal excitement as he tries to convince the ringmaster and the circus troupe to recruit Red into the circus' freakshow.[2][3] The ringmaster and the rest of the circus troupe are speechless, however, as they watch everything unfold. Undeterred, Cosimov continues his demands before Red violently strikes him.[4]

Cosimov is slammed into the stage by Red, who promises to destroy him.[5] Blinded by rage, Red prepares to continue his assault on Cosimov, but Mana stops him. Red then sees the image of a young Mana standing before him, holding out his arms in an attempt to stop his attack.[6] Mana pleads with Red to stop, as he would end up killing Cosimov with his Innocence. He also apologises and acknowledges that Red is an accommodator.[7] Mana then appears as his regular, older self and takes Red into an embrace, again telling him he should not do such a sorrowful thing.[8]

Red does not understand why Mana would ask him to stop. He claims Mana is crying, and has always been crying. At this, Mana thinks back to Nea, Katerina, Allen, and Cornelia. While Mana is not physically crying, the image of his younger self within him weeps.[9] Mana holds onto Red and tells him he regrets making Red his scapegoat without meaning to. He says it is enough and they should get out of there together.[9] This does nothing to put out the flames of Red's rage. He grabs Mana's face with both his hands and demands to know why Mana is protecting Cosimov. He does not care what becomes of him as long as Mana and Allen can live happily together.[10]

At that moment, Mana has some kind of reaction to Allen's Innocence, which is touching his face.[11] All the while, Apocryphos watches from a distance. Satisfied with Red's growing rage, he encourages Red to destroy the Millennium Earl with his left arm. Apocryphos grins as he activates his own Innocence. He wants the tragedy unfolding before him to be an offering to the "Heart".[12] Meanwhile, Mana screams as he continues to be affected by Red's Innocence.[12] As he endures the pain, he thinks about Nea, who looks at him with a content smile. But this image soon shatters as Apocryphos causes his signature feathery tendrils to burst from Mana's eyes.[13] Apocryphos continues to grin fearlessly as he delivers his evil command: "Destroy!".[14]



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