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Saying Goodbye to Allen Walker - Red and Mana ⑦ (A.Wに別れを告げる・赤腕とマナ⑦, A.W. (Aren Wōkā) ni wakare o tsugeru ・ Akaude to Mana ⑦) is Chapter 243 of D.Gray-man.


Red kneels before an unconscious Mana as his Innocence deactivates and Apocryphos relinquishes his control.


After Mana loses consciousness, Apocryphos relinquishes control of Red. However, the Millennium Earl soon makes his appearance along with an army of level 1 Akuma.

The Garvey Circus is completely decimated, the whole troupe subject to a bloody end. Meanwhile Red is captured and is about to meet his end, before Cross Marian appears just in time to save him.


Red tearfully stares at Mana, who is unconscious on the ground, as his Innocence slowly deactivates. Apocryphos has ceased his control of Red.[1] The circus then seems to come to life, as balloons and streamers are set off and a clapping audience appears, applauding everything that had just unfolded.[2] A spotlight shines down on Red and Mana, as streamers and confetti fall onto the stage like rain.[3] Confused at the presence of an audience, the Ringmaster pulls back the curtains to see what is going on. He wonders why people are on the stage, but is soon met with the sight of the Millennium Earl, who appears behind Red.[4]

As the Earl looms over Red, the audience turn into level 1 Akumas.[5] The Garvey Circus troupe look terrified as the grinning Millennium Earl presents his army of Akuma.[6] Meanwhile, one of the members of the circus help Cosimov to his feet before they too are confronted by Akuma.[7]

Still kneeling next to Mana on the stage, Red is swiftly surrounded by long, black tendrils.[7] His eyes go blank as they encase his entire body. At the same time, the ringmaster is fatally shot by an Akuma. The rest of the troupe look on in horror before they all fall subject to the same fate.[8][9] Overcome with fear, the young man who helped Cosimov pushes him away and tries to escape, but he too is brutally shot down.[10] An Akuma then approaches Cosimov. He cries in fear before being shot multiple times, his body quickly succumbing to the Akuma virus.[11]

It is not long before the entire circus besides Red and Mana have been obliterated.[12] Meanwhile the black tendrils continue to wrap around Red as the Earl watches. They lift him up, forming a tower which becomes taller than the Earl himself.[13] It continues to grow, until it reaches four Akuma, leaving Red surrounded.[14] When it seems all is lost for Red, the four Akuma are destroyed by Cross Marian, who arrives just in time.[15] The Earl simply grins, while Cross asks him if he really wants Mana so badly.[16]



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