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As Snow Falls Over the City (街に雪が降り, Machi ni Yuki ga Furi) is the twenty-sixth chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


After that Road is gone, the house of Road is breaking in. Later it turns out to be a illusion which it was all the time Miranda's apartment. Lenalee then calls over Allen because there is something happened with Miranda. Lenalee then tells Miranda to stop her powers but she says that she can't which she is telling why she can"t stop it. Allen then tells her to stop using her power which they are trying to cheer her up saying that they will keep able to hold their injuries. Later, Miranda is asking the manager to come cause some peoples are injured. Later Allen wakes up in the hospital seeing Komui standing next to them. After that Allen ask why Komui is at here, he explains that they don't have to return to the headquarters yet because he's going to send them on a long term mission. Komui says that he will explain it in details soon after Lenalee has woke up. Allen is in shock after hearing that Lenalee isn't awaken yet. Lavi then says that she is in good hands, which he introduce him to Allen. Komui then gives Allen a letter that they have gotten from Miranda. It contains everything what has happened when she met them. Later she then says that they will meet again, but this time as Exorcists.

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