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Uniform (団服, Danfuku) is the twenty-eighth chapter chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Bookman explains what he knows about the Noah family to Komui who thanks him for all his assistance. Bookman then heads to the door telling Komui to hide, as he leaves the room the Finders guarding it are found dead.

Lavi explains to Allen that walking down busy roads can be dangerous as the shocked onlookers call Lavi a murderer. He explains that Allen needs to assume every human is an Akuma since he can use his left eye to distinguish anymore, just another attack almost hits the two and sends them flying. A lvl 2 Akuma appear on the top of a building and prepare another projectile attack. Lavi increases the size of his hammer and destroys the projectile along with most of the building. people surround the exorcists and tell them to stop, a police officer attempts to arrest them but Lavi stops him. Although Allen protests the Officer partially transforms into an Akuma and attacks, forcing the pair on the defensive. Lavi berates Allen for his hesitance and Allen asks how he knew about the Akuma. Lavi says that he didn't know and that every single person he meets he assumes is an Akuma as that is the nature of their enemy. The two find themselves surrounded by partially transformed lvl 1 Akuma and destroy all in the vicinity.

An Akuma comes out holding a Human as hostage and Allen reflects on Lavi's words regarding his view on humans being the Earls allies, it reminds him of a conversation he had with Cross about the uniform and that it is worn in order to stand out and draw Akuma to him. Allen then shoots the Akuma and goes to the child hostage. the child also partially transforms but Allen simply states it's too late as he destroys it before it can attack.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in order of appearance :

  1. Komui Lee
  2. Bookman
  3. Lavi
  4. Allen
  5. Akuma
  6. Cross Marian (flashback)