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Crisis of the Generals (元帥の危急, Gensui no Kikyū) is the twenty-ninth chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen and Lavi lie in the rubble of the recent battle going over how many Akuma each destroyed. As they joke Lavi mentions Lenalee and Allen becomes worried that the hospital suffered a similar fate, he goes to run over but is injured from the battle and cannot. Lavi asks him to hold onto the shalft of his hammer and shows Allen another ability of his hammer, much to Allens dismay. As they travel using Lavi's extend ability a shadowy figure can be seen lurking on the rooftops.

In the hospital as Komui moves Lenalee Bookman interrogates a level 2 Akuma he has trapped about their motives for going there. The Akuma plays off a message recorded by the Earl stating that he is about to strike at the exorcists. As the message draws to a close a piece of the trapped Akuma detaches from the main body and lunges at Komui, however it is swiftly destroyed by Lenalee who awakes and activates her innocence. Soon after Lavi and Allen come crashing through the ceiling still clinging to Lavi's Hammer. Lavi picks himself up and remarks on not being able to use the extend function too well and looks for Allen who has landed on Bookmans head, incurring his wrath.

On their way in a carriage Komui explains their next mission. He tells the exorcists that a General had recently been killed, being crucified backwards and having "God Hunt" carved onto his back. He explains that Generals always carry multiple innocence on them in-case they find a suitable accommodator. Komui tells of the Generals last words mentioning the "heart" of innocence and what the heart is. He goes on to say that the heart wielder is most likely a powerful accommodator such as a general which is why the Earl is targeting them, however although the generals are incredibly strong they are at a disadvantage alone and therefore are being divided into four teams with Allen Lavi and Lenalee being assigned to General Cross.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in order of appearance :

  1. Allen Walker
  2. Lavi
  3. Komui Lee
  4. Bookman
  5. Akuma
  6. The Earl of Millennium - Explanation
  7. Lenalee Lee
  8. Kevin Yeegar - Explanation
  9. Cross Marian - Explanation
  10. Froi Tiedoll - Explanation
  11. Klaud Nine - Explanation
  12. Winters Socalo - Explanation