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The Pentacle (ペンタクル, Pentakuru) is chapter 3 of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen stands holding a skull in his right hand, and a cross in his left.


When Jan finds out about the fate that has befallen his friend Leo, details about Allen's past encounter with The Millennium Earl come to light.


Allen explains to Jan that Leo is no longer his friend, but an "Akuma".

Despite this, Jan still tries to protect his friend from Allen's attempts to purify him. However, Leo transforms into an Akuma, and prepares to attack. With no hesitation, Allen jumps in to protect Jan. Taking the bullets causes Allen's body to become infected with poison.

The Millennium Earl explains gleefully that Akuma symbolise the suffering within a person's heart — this one in particular having been created from Leo. Adding to this, Allen explains that Leo wanted to bring his mother back, and that he can see her soul suffering within the Akuma. On top of this, thanks to his anti-Akuma weapon, Allen successfully nullifies the poison in his system.

Allen goes on to say that he lost someone important a long time ago and that he became cursed. Hearing and seeing this, the Earl gets excited, having now recognised Allen. The Earl recalls having met a young Allen long ago; he had offered to bring Allen's adoptive father, Mana Walker, back to life. Like many of the Earl's previous victims, Allen accepted his offer, and Mana was brought back as an Akuma and gave Allen the cursed eye, which allows him to see the souls within Akuma.

This is also when Allen's Innocence had activated for the first time, which purified Mana. It was also his first meeting with Cross Marian who, upon seeing that Allen had been born with a anti-Akuma weapon, asked him to become a exorcist.

After insisting he will destroy all Akuma, as they are sad beings who should not exist, The Millennium Earl responds that he should have killed Allen all those years ago.

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