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Missing in Action (行方不明, Yukuefumei) is the thirtieth chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


A destroyed Akuma laughs at Yu Kanda, saying the armies of the Noah and Akuma are chasing down the generals and they cannot be saved. Kanda dismisses this, telling the Akuma to shut up as Noise Marie calls him over, who is waiting with Daisya Barry. Daisya moan that the Akuma are irritating whilst Noise comments that trying to catch up to the general is taxing. the three talk about General Tiedoll, Yu commenting that he doesn't like him, but at least he's better than Cross.

A train pulls into a station as Lavi attempts to wake Allen up by drawing all over his face, Lenalee hurries them onto the train saying there till not be another that day. As allen washes the ink off himself he reflects that Komui had explained that although three Generals kept in fairly regular contact with the Order Cross was a problem. Cross hadn't been in contact with the Order for nearly 4 years but because Allen had been his pupil he would have a better clue of where to look, dispute Allens protests. Komui says that the other team are students of the respective General they are searching for but their group will search for Cross led by Timcanpy. Allen decides to take the bandage off his eye as it doesn't hurt too much anymore and finds Lenalee waiting outside his door, When asking what she is doing she say nothing and hurries off.

the team collected the information it has in order to start making a plan to find Cross. Lenalee notes that there aren't any expense receipts sent to the order for them to track, Lavi asks Allen if Cross is rich to which Allen replies he is actually greatly in debt, and that he had to gamble to clear the debts. Bookman remarks on Allens cursed eye still not being open, saying that it will be beneficial to them to have it working again as Akuma will come to impede their progress.

Once off the train Allen asks Lenalee why she has acted strange around him, and then thinks that the last time she spoke to him was when fighting Road. He apologies to her and she reprimands him for putting himself in harms way, she says that she hates his left eye because it makes Allen feel like he needs to shoulder the burden of caring about Akuma's trapped souls alone. Allen thanks her for saving him and she storms off saying that she will always protect him, she then gets on the train.

As Allen is about to follow her he is grabbed by someone. A man behind him remark on the crest Allen has on his coat, Lavi then notices he is missing.

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