D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Vampire of the Castle (2) - Exorcist vs. Vampire (孤城の吸血鬼②―エクソシストVS吸血鬼―, Kojō no Kyūketsuki 2 -Ekusoshisuto VS Kyūketsuki-) is the thirty-second chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Back in the Black Order HQ Reever is working on a formula whilst Johnny asks him what he should do with an out of date report that was not signed off regarding a vampire incident. Reever then see's that Chief Komui has arrived back and asks him about it. Komui recalls that the Krory incident was not related to innocence so the investigation was suspended. After Komui's explanation Johnny wonders what a vampire report is doing in a book about ancient plants and whether there is a connection.

Allen and Lavi stand slack jawed as the come face to face with Baron Krory, as they look on Krory sucks the blood of the victim he has caught between his teeth. As the villagers flee in terror the exorcists compose themselves and activate their innocence. The two sides charge each other and as Lavi wonders what they will do against the vampire Allen says that they must not let him attack the villagers again at any cost. Allen crives his Cross Beta into the ground and creates a wall of rocks that Krory manages to evade however he cannot avoid Lavi's giant hammer. After Lavi asks if he got him, the smoke clears to reveal that krory managed to catch and hold Lavi's Hammer in his teeth. still in the grip of his teeth, Krory picks up and throws Lavi's hammer away, but as he does this Allen switches to Cross Alpha and catches Krory by tunneling through the ground and surprising him from beneath. Krory laughs his capture off, he asks the two whether they are monsters too and they pair reply that they are exorcists. Lavi then says he must leave and bites Allens hand, managing to pierce his anti Akuma weapon. His causes an adverse reaction in Krory and he gags saying it tastes bitter, running away with his victim. As the villager begin to peer out from behind nearby trees Lavi says that Lenalee wont speak to Allen again after having been bitten.

Back at the castle Krory cries out and a women walks up to him and asks if he is OK. Krory is shown to be in tears, he says to the woman - Eliade - that he is crying because he had become a vampire again.