D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Vampire of the Castle (6) - Return (孤城の吸血鬼⑥―帰還―, Kojō no Kyūketsuki 6 -Kikan-) is the thirty-sixth chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


As they continue their battle Lavi explains his theory to Krory, explaining that he has only been attacking Akuma and is likely an Innocence accommodator with a parasitic Innocence similar to Allen's. Although Krory remains skeptical about Lavi´s conclusion Lavi offers him a place among the exorcists. Lavi then activates his seals and tell Krory to give him an answer when he wakes up.

Eliade holds Allen trapped and mocks him saying that his chest will be crushed as he has lost the will to fight. As he blacks out and his vision goes blurry Eliade delivers a knockout punch, remarking that he must have taken quite some damage from Krory. As Allen struggles with his consciousness he tries to explain that they will not harm Krory and that he is likely their ally. Eliade strikes Allen again and begins to laugh, saying that he is a vampire and that they cannot take him away from her and that since they were planning on it she will kill them all. She hurls Allen against a wall and picks up an Axe, as Allen lays defeated on the floor she demands he extend his neck. She tell him that she will drain his body of blood and leave him at the castle gates, that way no one will ever come back to the castle again. She swings the Axe down with all her might but the swing is stopped by Allen's left hand. Shocked, Eliade observes that Allen is indeed still unconscious, Allen's hand then breaks the axe and activates by itself. It grows in size and slashes at Eliade, wounding her and exposing some of her Akuma self under the human disguise, it then picks Allen up and walk towards her. Allen's cursed eye begins to glow and change, a smoky skull emerging from it. It shows Allen the soul bound to Eliade and tells him he is back. Allen opens his eye as it activates once more in an evolved form, and Allen tells Eliade he knows she´s an Akuma and she remarks he is a strange one. Allen reflects that his world of black and white has returned to him, he tells Eliade he withdraws his previous statement and that now he has a reason to fight, activating Cross Beta.