D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Vampire of the Castle (8) - Broken Hearts, Broken Roses (孤城の吸血鬼⑧―愛、薔薇薔薇(バラバラ)―, Kojō no Kyūketsuki 8 -Ai, Barabara-) is the seventy-eighth chapter in the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Eliade thinks back to when she evolved into a Level 2, reflecting on how the fact that the woman whose body was her skin was beautiful, thus she sought to be beautiful as well, going so far as to hate her own Akuma form because it was ugly.

On a mission one day for the Earl, Eliade went to Krory’s castle seeking a possible Innocence. While thinking about how the Earl never complimented her beauty, she was ambushed by a maddened Krory.

Back to the present, Eliade holds Krory to her and thinks about him, noting that his parasitic Innocence gave he a bad feeling.

Krory regains consciousness and looks up at Eliade, seeing a humanoid form wrapped in bandages emerging from her body.

Lavi, who also sees it, notes that it is the human soul bound to Eliade’s Akuma skeleton before asking for confirmation from Allen. Lavi then asks if Allen’s changed eye is the reason he and Krory can see the human soul like Allen can.

Allen thinks back to what Mana had said to him in his dream, wondering if Mana’s curse has become stronger.

Lavi then tells Krory that Eliade is an Akuma and an enemy.

When a shocked Krory asks her, Eliade responds with “Everything is ruined now” before reassuming her Akuma form and attacking Krory, telling him she can’t let him become an Exorcist.

As Allen and Lavi move to help him, Krory’s giant, man-eating flowers burst up from the ground and capture them.

When Eliade muses on feeding Krory to the flowers, Krory asks Eliade why she spared him instead of killing him when the first met. Eliade responds by saying there was something she wanted to do, so she kept him alive to use him, making Krory note that she really is an Akuma and that, because of that, he’s wanted to kill her for a while.