D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Vampire of the Castle (9) - Affection (孤城の吸血鬼⑨―コイ―, Kojō no Kyūketsuki 9 -Koi-) is the thirty-ninth chapter in the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


As Allen and Lavi, still trapped within Krory’s man-eating flowers, try to spot Krory and Eliade when they hear the sounds of battle, the flowers respond to their struggling and try to eat Lavi, first.

Allen remembers that his Master, Cross, had a flower like the ones they’re trapped in once, and tells Lavi that the only way to calm the flowers down is to show them affection, which results in Lavi telling the flowers he loves them.

Elsewhere, Krory and Eliade are still fighting, Krory’s speed allowing him to land several successive blows to Eliade.

Eliade summons several bubbles, and when Krory sees them and leaps out of the way, Eliade calls him wise, explaining that the bubbles are her special power. She then throws several at them, one missing and hitting one of the flowers, instead, and making it wither. While Krory is distracted by this, a bubble encapsulates his arm and bursts, leaving Krory’s arm drained.

Figuring something out, Krory notes to Eliade that her bubbles drain the moisture out of whatever they hit, then tells her that she has to be punished for hurting his grandfather’s flowers.

Eliade asks him if he even cares about the flowers, or if he’s just using them as an excuse to stay inside, calling him a fool and a coward before telling him he deserves to die.

Krory responds by telling her that he would have gladly remained inside the castle if she were by his side, then tells her that her ugly side is a bit too ugly, though he thinks to himself, as he lunges at her, that he still loves her.

Eliade fires dozens of bubbles that encase Krory completely, draining his entire body of all of its water and leaving him to flutter to the ground like paper. As he falls, Eliade assumes her human form again and walks to his side, thinking that there was one thing she had always wanted to do, but could never do because she was an Akuma, and that if she had ever found a man she couldn’t kill, then he would only kill her.

As she thinks this, Krory’s body suddenly lunges at her again and bites her neck.

Eliade tells Krory that she wanted to love him before Krory drains her body of its Akuma oil and kills her, restoring himself and shedding a tear.