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Decision and Beginning (覚悟と始まり, Kakugo to Hajimari) is chapter 4 of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen stands looking at his cursed arm, while a demonic, skeletal figure looms above him.


While Jan comes to terms with what happened to Leo, Allen takes on an army of Akuma.


The Millennium Earl gets his Akuma to fire once again at Allen, but it has no effect. When Allen insists the only reason he was hit last time was because he was protecting Jan, an annoyed Earl calls upon a whole fleet of Akuma.

Allen tells Jan to get away. Standing outside the gate, Jan remembers the times he spent talking about Akuma with Leo; he calls Leo an idiot for trusting the Earl, but then places the blame onto himself for telling him about Akuma in the first place. With this, he wills Allen to destroy the Akuma. The army of Akuma are swiftly destroyed, and the Earl retreats. Allen then collapses due to his injuries and asks Jan to call a doctor.

Three days later, Allen meets up with Jan, who has just created an epitaph for Leo. Allen confirms he is going to continue his journey to the Black Order, and Jan reveals he is going to his father's place to gain more power and knowledge. They give each other a fist bump, and the two resolve to do their best.



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