D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Omen (予覚, Yokaku) is the forty-first chapter in the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Komui gets a phone call from Lavi, who explains that they have gained a new Exorcist, Krory. Komui tells Lavi to take Krory with them for extra manpower. Komui then warns Lavi that the Earl won’t be happy about Allen’s evolved eye.

Elsewhere, Allen, who is examining his eye, notes that it’s almost like an Akuma eye, and that the range of his eye has expanded to 300 yards.

Back with Lavi, he notes to Komui that while he used to think Allen’s eye was useful, he now thinks that the way Allen sees the world is hell. He is then forced to hang up when the train starts to leave without him.

Komui reflects on this for a moment, then begins acting like he is still on the phone to stave off the Science Division trying to give him more work, though they don’t buy the rouse.

Elsewhere, Lenalee wakes up sitting on a ledge, surrounded by the destroyed remains of the European Branch. She begins to call out for the others, searching for them, but when she looks down, she sees Allen’s body floating in the water below and screams.

Lenalee is then truly woken by Bookman, who tells her that they will be getting off of their train to wait for Allen and Lavi. When he notes that she is pale, she assures him that she is alright.

Back with Lavi, Allen and Krory, Lavi and Allen are trying to cheer up Krory, who was violently shunned by the villagers when he attempted to apologize and explain his actions. After assuring him that it isn’t his fault, Allen and Lavi encourage Krory to go look around, as he’s never been on a train before. As he leaves, the both note separately but simultaneously that his personality changes when his Innocence isn’t active.

Three hours later, when Allen and Lavi go to look for Krory when he hasn’t come back, they find him several cars away, stripped down to his boxers after having lost several rounds of poker to three men.

Allen, seeing Krory has been tricked, bets his jacket and joins the game to win Krory’s things back, to which the leader of the men, a man with curly hair and strange glasses, invites him to play.