D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Three Men and a Child (三人の男と一人の子供, Sannin no Otoko to Hitori no Kodomo) is the forty-second chapter in the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen calls his winning poker hand, the men in front of him stripped down to their boxers and all of their belongings now behind Allen, who has won them all in several successive rounds of poker.

The men silently note to one another that they know Allen is cheating but can’t prove it, as Allen is a professional at cheating at poker.

Across from them, when asked, Allen tells Lavi that he is, indeed, cheating, but only because the men cheated Krory first. Allen goes on to explain, his “dark side” coming out, that he became an expert at cheating a poker when he had to play against older men to pay back Cross’ debts and eat.

When the train stops, the three men and the child traveling with them making to leave, Allen offers to give their things back to them, as he doesn’t need them. The leader of the three men says they don’t need his charity, though all three reach for their belongings, anyway.

As the men dress, the boy offers Allen a necklace with a silver pendant on it in thanks, though the leader of the men stops him and gives Allen a pack of playing cards, instead. Allen takes the cards, and the train departs, leaving the man to tell the boy, Eeez, that the pendant is real silver and that he should take care of it.

The men gather and prepare to leave, but a nearby phone suddenly rings. The man, Tyki, answers it, then tells the other two men that he’s been called away on another job.

As the other two men leave, taking the Eeez with them, Eeez asks Tyki to bring him more silver, to which Tyki smiles.

Once they have their backs turned, Tyki simply disappears, and the boy’s pendant swings out to reveal that it has the name of Kevin Yeegar, the murdered Exorcist General, inscribed on the back.

A bit later, Tyki meets up with the Earl of Millennium, asking if they can eat before they start the job. The Earl tells him they can, but only if Tyki dresses properly as high-end restaurants won’t let them in with Tyki looking like a vagabond.

Tyki changes his appearance, saying he doesn’t care what they eat as long as he can eat until he’s full, to which the Earl only asks that he speaks properly, addressing Tyki as “Lord”. Tyki, now in a suit and top hat, slicks back his hair and agrees.