D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Laughing Out Loud (呵呵大笑, Kakataishō) is the forty-third chapter in the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


In an unnamed city, a Level 1 Akuma floats above the cityscape.

Kanda speaks to his teammates, Daisya and Maire, over their golems, the three agreeing to meet regroup as the city is infested with Akuma. Kanda then gravely sets the time limit for them to meet up as dawn before he leaps out of the alley, reaching for Mugen.

In another part of the city, Daisya activates his Innocence, the Charity Bell, and starts fighting, destroying several Akuma at once.

Elsewhere, Road greets Tyki as she walks into the room with the Earl. When Tyki asks what she’s doing, Road tells him that she’s working on her homework, then asks him to help her, which Tyki grudgingly does.

As they work, the Earl presents Tyki with two cards, telling him that he first wants him to deliver a message, then ‘delete’ several people on the list presented on the other card.

A sad look briefly crosses Tyki’s face before he accepts the mission and takes the cards, standing and leaving.

Road thanks him, then notes, once he’s left, that she thinks he’s scared.

Tyki walks through a city, the wall in front of him exploding and Daisya walking out. They meet eyes.

Kanda and Marie suddenly get a fuzzy message from Daisya’s golem, but don’t get a response back when they call to him.

As he continues walking down the street, Daisya nowhere in sight, Tyki notes that he has to be careful, because he doesn’t want to lose his human side.

Later, Kanda and Marie have met up, but Daisya’s golem comes back alone.

The scene changes to show that, somewhere in the city, Daisya’s body is hanging upside down from a lamppost by chains, not moving.