D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Signs (サイン, Sain) is the forty-fifth chapter in the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen’s eye suddenly acts up, alerting him of six individual Akuma. After telling Lavi to duck, Allen activates his arm and destroys five of the Akuma as the reveal themselves, Lavi destroying the final one as it appears behind Allen. As the two then start arguing, Bookman and Krory stand off to the side, drinking tea.

Suddenly, Lenalee crashes down from the sky to land near Allen and Lavi with a cat clinging to her arm, startling the boys and petrifying the cat. When Bookman asks if her search went well, Lenalee holds out the cat, showing Timcanpy trapped in its mouth. The cat spits out Timcanpy, then takes off.

Allen warns Timcanpy to be careful, as they can’t find Cross without him, and Krory wonders how much longer it will take to find the General, as they have been in China for four days and haven’t seen him.

Lenalee then notices something out of place with Allen’s hand and grabs it, pulling his sleeve back and showing his arm is breaking down.

Lenalee and Lavi are stunned, but Allen assures them that it is only because they’ve been fighting so much. Lenalee then sadly notes that Allen’s arm is too fragile and thinks back to the nightmare she had where the Order was destroyed and Allen was dead.

Elsewhere and in a flashback, Suman Dark watches as his comrades fall, begging to not die when the enemy, Tyki, turns on him, next.

Suman then wakes up in the home of a family in China. When the daughter of the family goes to get Suman some water, something crashes behind her and she turns back to see an giant armless, headless form has destroyed part of her house. She screams.