D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

News of Cross Marian (クロス·マリアンの訃音, Kurosu Marian no Fuin) is the forty-sixth chapter in the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


As Allen continues to search for Cross, he comes across a man who owns a restaurant who confirms that he has seen Cross. The man, though, only speaks Chinese, so Allen calls Lenalee to interpret.

Using the man’s directions, Lenalee leads the group to a brothel, telling them that the man said Cross had recently become the lover of the woman who owned the establishment.

When they attempt to enter, a burly woman stops them at the door, picking them up and pretending to threaten them before telling Allen in a low voice to go around the back, showing a tattoo of a cross on her tongue and revealing that the brothel supports the Order.

Inside, the group meets with Anita, the owner of the brothel and Cross’ lover. She greets them, but tells them that Cross is no longer there, reporting that he had left eight days prior.

The next day, Lenalee calls Reever, telling him that they will be crossing the ocean on a boat provided by Anita. When Reever asks if she wants to speak to Komui, who is sleeping at the time, Lenalee says she doesn’t, guessing he is indisposed. Reever then tells Lenalee to not worry about them and focus on coming home safely.

On the boat, Allen looks out over the ocean, saying he’d rather not go to where they are headed and that, if Cross has gotten himself killed, he’ll be annoyed.

In a flashback to the previous night, Anita is revealed to have told the group that the ship Cross had set sail on had sunk and that Cross had not been heard from.

Determined, Allen asks what Cross’ destination was, firmly believing that his Master hadn’t died that easily.

Anita sheds a tear, relieved, and tells the burly woman, Mahoja, to prepare a ship, as she will personally take the Exorcists to Cross’ destination, Edo, Japan.

Suddenly, Allen is brought back to the present when his eye suddenly reacts, alerting him to the approach of countless Akuma.