D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Point of the Attack (来襲の目的, Raishū no Mokuteki) is the forty-seventh chapter in the D.Gray-man (Manga) seires written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen, standing atop the main-mast of Black Order supporter Anita’s ship, watches in horror as countless Akuma fly towards them.

The Exorcists quickly prepare for battle, a few Akuma getting destroyed as the come into reach, but the group stops in shock when the Akuma fly straight past them.

As he looks around, confused, Allen is snatched up by an Akuma, which ecstatically talks to one of its fellows about having caught an Exorcist. As they squabble about who gets to kill Allen, more Akuma notice that there are other Exorcists, as well as humans.

Before she can be attacked, Anita fends off an Akuma with a talisman. Another Akuma comes at her from behind, though, but Mahoja saves her, the two preparing to try to stave off the attacks.

Anita’s talisman barrier breaks, and blood is sprayed.

In the harbor, Lenalee looks up and watches in horror as the swarm of Akuma fly overhead, the girl getting hit by Timcanpy who then points to Allen, who is still being carried by one of the swarm.

Allen attempts to fight back but ends up wrapped in an Akuma’s grasp and is about to be crushed when Lenalee arrives and saves him, the two locking hands in midair.

Off to the side, a giant form appears, Allen and Lenalee looking over to see a giant headless, armless torso.