D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Memories of the Dark (常闇の記憶, Tokoyami no Kiaku) is the forty-eighth chapter in the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


As Allen wonders what the giant, human torso-like object is, Lenalee stares at it in shock.

When the Akuma begin to swarm around them, Lenalee releases her Dark Boot’s special ability and turns her back to the giant torso-like object, using the sound waves it is producing to amplify her speed, take Allen’s hand and fly them both to safety.

Once they are safe, Lenalee turns her attention back to the giant torso, falling to her knees and screaming in shock when she recognizes the upper body of Suman Dark sticking out of the thing’s chest.

As Allen tries to comfort her, Lenalee calls the creature Suman is ‘connected’ to a Fallen One.

In a flashback, a younger Lenalee is shown peeking through a set of doors and listening in on several Black Order supervisors talk as they stand around a young boy, the men remarking that the boy’s synchronization rate is questionable and that his body is breaking down.

As the boy notices Lenalee, one of the men assures the others that, because the boy is a blood relative of an existing Exorcist, he will be able to synchronize.

As the men lead the boy away and tell Hevlaska to implant a shard of Innocence into him, the boy waves goodbye to Lenalee. Lenalee then watches in horror as the boy turns into a creature similar to what Suman became; a Fallen One.

In the present, Lenalee explains to Allen that Fallen Ones are created when a non-Accommodator attempts to synchronize with the Innocence. She then asks why Suman became one, as Suman had been a proven Exorcist.