D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Sin (罪, Tsumi) is the forty-ninth chapter in the D.Gray-man (Manga) seires written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


As Lenalee calls out to Suman Dark, who has become a Fallen One, beams of light come from the armless stubs on Suman’s Fallen One torso, the body spinning around and the beams of light creating a massive explosion, Allen noticing that the attack completely vaporized the Akuma that had been amassing towards Suman.

On Anita’s ship, Lavi looks up from fighting and sees that the sky is turning red.

Still destroying his surroundings, Suman Dark screams out.

As they watch him, Lenalee explains that, like Allen, Suman is a parasite-type Exorcist, and that he was part of Socalo’s unit until his comrades were killed, at which point he disappeared.

Allen notes to himself that Suman is beginning to attack his surroundings without distinction, only to have his thoughts interrupted when Lenalee, crying, tells him that they have to save Suman, as Hevlaska would never tell her what happened to Fallen Ones.

In the sky, the Akuma note that Suman is dangerous, but that they still need to retrieve the Innocence from him.

Suddenly, Allen and Lenalee spin through the sky on one of Lenalee’s abilities, flying towards Suman and landing on his chest. As the reach out to pull Suman from his Fallen One body, a girl suddenly emerges from the space next to Suman, still conscious and pleading for help.

When she begins to sink in again, Allen pulls her out, but coming into contact with the part of the Fallen One that Suman is closest to results in him being sucked in. Lenalee reaches for Allen, but Allen hands the girl over to her, instead, just before he is sucked into Suman’s body.

Inside of Suman’s body, Allen screams out, wracked with pain and under a heavy assault by Suman’s memories.

When Allen sees a flash of a memory that reveals Suman’s daughter, along with Suman’s last coherent thoughts about not wanting to die, Allen realizes that Suman abandoned his comrades and pleaded for his life from the enemy, thus betraying the Innocence.