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The Black Order (黒の教団, Kuro no Kyōdan) is chapter 5 of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


The cover is an image of the Black Order headquarters.


Allen finally arrives at the Black Order.


Allen finally reaches the Black Order, but he is left wondering if he is in the right place. Despite this, he presses on not knowing he's being watched by people within the building.

Inside the Order, Komui insists that no outsiders must get in, but Reever tells him that he seems different from a normal outsider. Lenalee also points out that Allen has Timcanpy, which belongs to Cross Marian.

Allen eventually reaches The Gatekeeper, and explains he was sent by Cross Marian. However, hearing this over the monitors, Komui has no recollection of anything being arranged.

The Gatekeeper then examines Allen, and flies into a panic upon realising he has a pentacle. Believing Allen is an ally of The Millennium Earl, he alerts those within the Order.

Kanda heads out to confront Allen. As he goes in for the attack, Allen explains that Komui should have received a letter of recommendation from Cross. Upon hearing this, Komui and another member of the team search through a desk full of papers. After eventually finding the letter, Komui gives orders to The Gatekeeper to open the gate.


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