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Voices of Comrades (仲間の声, Nakama no Koe) is the fiftieth chapter in the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Within Suman’s body, Allen realizes though Suman’s memories that Suman abandoned his duties as an Exorcist in favor of his life and, thus, betrayed the Innocence.

Outside of Suman’s body, Lenalee waits for Allen before realizing that the child he saved is no longer breathing, forcing her to flee so she can resuscitate her.

As Lenalee flees, though, the Akuma begin to swarm towards Suman’s Fallen One form once again, forcing Lenalee to choose between Allen and the girl. Determined, she chooses the girl and resumes fleeing.

As Suman’s Fallen One body continues to destroy its surroundings, Allen, still in Suman, realizes that Suman is in intense pain from every attack, as the force of each attack is too much for his body to maintain and is using his life force.

When he thinks back on what Lenalee had said, Allen realizes that Suman’s Innocence is trying to kill Suman.

Angered, Allen begs the Innocence to stop and activates his Cross arm, breaking the area he is trapped in and finding Suman’s parasitic arm.

As soon as Allen sees Suman’s Innocence, Suman’s Fallen One form ejects him from its body. Allen reaches out and grabs a hold of the space next to Suman’s human form and pulls himself back over, assuring Suman he will get him out.

Suman screams in pain and hacks up blood before he begins to speak, cursing Allen, the other Apostles and God, calling out for everything to be destroyed.

Suman’s Fallen One form then begins to descend towards a village, and Allen screams for Suman to stop.


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