D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Lost Sheep is the fifty-first chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) series, written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


In the village, Suman’s Fallen One form is approaching, the villagers look up and watch in fear.

As Allen tires to free Suman’s human body from his Fallen One form, Suman tells him to stop before biting Allen’s human hand when Allen tries to remind him that they are supposed to save people.

Allen tries to assure Suman that he will save him and begs him to stop before he destroys the village, but Suman tells Allen to die and bites down harder on his hand. Allen continues to try to talk to Suman, begging him to not die.

Suman’s Fallen One form then releases another explosive energy attack, the force tossing Allen into a nearby river as Suman descends on the village.

Nearby, several Akuma watch in amusement.

After climbing out of the water, Allen aims his Cross hand towards Suman and forces a maximum invocation, his hand growing, extending and becoming large enough to grab Suman’s Fallen One torso and stop his advance.

Allen shouts out once again that he will save Suman, then pushes him backwards into a mountain and leaps towards him.