D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Beginning of the Night of the End (終わりの夜のはじまり, Owari no Yoru no Hajimari) is the fifty-second chapter in the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen, exhausted, pushes Suman back into a mountain with his fully invoked and enlarged Cross.

Elsewhere, Komui speaks to Lenalee over the phone, telling her that a Fallen One cannot be saved; they can only continue expending their life force until they die, or they can be killed by Akuma.

As Komui continues to talk to Lenalee, Johnny Gill is shocked upon learning that Suman has become a Fallen One, telling the others that they used to play chess together and that Suman was incredibly lonely. When Johnny asks about Suman’s fate, Reever tells him again that Suman will die.

Komui, still talking to Lenalee, tells her that she has to retrieve Suman’s Innocence when his Fallen One form loses its power.

Lenalee becomes incensed, demanding to know if Komui expects her to watch Suman die.

Komui informs her that recovering Suman’s Innocence is an order, as it could be the Heart. When Lenalee tries to argue that Suman is their comrade, Komui tells her that Suman might not feel the same way, as, before he disappeared, Suman called the Order and requested a list of all Finders and Exorcists on the field, as well as their locations, which he was given. Not long after the information was released to Suman, Suman went missing and personnel started to get attacked. While the information is not conclusive, Komui assumes that it is likely that Suman sold them out and betrayed God.

Crying, Lenalee refuses to believe it.

In China, Allen is still holding Suman back, trying to talk to him and bring him back by reminding him of his daughter, whose terrible disease led to Suman joining the Order so the Order would pay for her treatments.

Allen then points out that Suman betrayed his comrades because he wanted to live for his family, trying to remind him of his will to live.

As Suman falters, Allen makes a plan to go back into Suman’s Fallen One form and find his parasitic arm again so he can sever it from Suman and stop the Innocence’s assault on Suman’s life.

As he thinks this, though, Allen’s invocation suddenly gives out, his arm cracking.