D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

The Last Words of Suman Dark (スーマン·ダーク最期の言葉, Suuman Daaku Saigo no Kotoba) is the fifty-third chapter in the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


As Allen stares at his arm in shock as his invocation suddenly ends, he realizes he heard something breaking in it. His fingers then contort unnaturally, and Allen screams out in pain.

Overhead, without Allen to stop it, Suman’s Fallen One form recovers and continues its attack on the village, killing the people within it.

Allen collapses in pain, still begging Suman to stop, which Suman only does when he sees a child in the village below begging the body of his father to wake up, reminding Suman of his own daughter, Jaime.

Suddenly, Suman’s time runs out and his Fallen One form begins deteriorating.

When Allen attempts to go to him, his arm is wracked once again with debilitating pain, making Allen start to give up.

Timcanpy arrives, though, and smacks Allen, then bites his ear and bares his teeth in Allen’s face.

Allen apologizes and shouts that he will do what he can, which makes both him and Timcanpy calm down. After reiterating that he will try, Allen goes to Suman’s human body.

Suman, seeing him properly, calls out to Allen, who introduces himself. Suman, realizing he is dying, apologizes to Allen, who, in response, forces the invocation of his arm, even though it is breaking down.

As Allen remembers that, earlier, he had heard something breaking in his arm, he realizes that he doesn’t care.