D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Rend Allen's Heart is the fifty-fourth chapter in the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


In a hospital somewhere, Suman Dark’s daughter, Jaime Dark, tells her doctor that she had a dream of her father, walking away from her and waving, as if saying goodbye. As she asks if her father is still out there, the scene flashes back to Suman’s Fallen One form breaking down.

His invocation forced bur viable, Allen holds out his damaged human hand and tells Suman to grab it as he plans on using his Innocence to cut Suman’s from his body.

Suman says Allen’s name, shocked, and Allen smiles before plunging his Anti-Akuma Weapon arm into the space beside Suman’s human body, reaching out for his Innocence even as he screams in pain.

Seeing Allen’s pain, Suman begs Allen to stop, believing he deserves to die for what he has done.

Allen simply holds out his human hand and tells Suman he has to live and that he wants him to be happy.

Crying, Suman bites down on Allen’s hand and holds on, saying he wants to live.

Just then, Allen’s arm breaks Suman’s connection to his Innocence and completely destroys Suman’s Fallen One form, the villagers below watching as the being disappears from the sky.

In the forest below, Allen regains consciousness and looks up to see Suman in front of him. Happy, Allen begins to crawl towards Suman and tries to talk to him, only to be shocked when Suman doesn’t answer.

Suman’s eyes drift apart and he begins to drool, Allen realizing that, though Suman’s body is alive, his soul is dead.

Something shines in his hand, and Allen looks down at the shard of Innocence that was the source of Suman’s Anti-Akuma Weapon in anger.

After thinking about it, Allen tells Timcanpy that they will take Suman back to his family, as he is still alive.

Just then, though, Suman’s body begins to form large boil-like growths, and Suman’s body explodes bloodily from the waist up.

Behind a now shocked Allen, Tyki appears, wishing Suman a farewell.