D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Delete (削除, Sakujo) is the fifty-fifth chapter in the D.Gray-man series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen stares down at Suman’s bloody remains in shock, then turns around and looks at Tyki, recognizing him from Suman’s memories as the one that killed Suman’s comrades.

Tyki calls out for “Teez” to return to him, and Allen can only watch in continued shock as countless butterflies come out of Suman’s blood and fly towards Tyki, disappearing into his hands.

A large Teez butterfly then grows out of Tyki’s hand, and Tyki comments on how it’s grown before kissing it. Tyki then wishes Suman another farewell.

When Allen asks Tyki what he did, Tyki ignores the question and addresses Allen, in shock, as “Card Shark Boy A”. When Allen doesn’t appears confused, Tyki notes that Allen doesn’t recognize him before asking for confirmation that Allen is Allen Walker.

Allen responds by backhanding Tyki with his deadened Innocence arm, demanding once again that Tyki tell him what he (Tyki) did to Suman.

Tyki cheerfully responds that Suman was an enemy, so he simply killed him, asking of Allen wouldn’t do the same. Tyki then pulls out a cigarette and offers to show Allen his power, Allen reflecting on his helplessness. Tyki explains his Teez, flesh-eating golems made and given to him by the Earl, and then shows Allen his own power by shoving his hand through Allen’s chest.

When Allen realizes he hasn’t actually been pierced, Tyki explains that he can pass through anything unless he wants to touch it, demonstrating that while he can remove his arm from Allen’s chest, if he chooses to touch Allen’s heart he can simply pull it straight out, revealing himself to be the one who had been removing organs from Exorcists (such as Daisya Barry). To prove his point, Tyki then grabs Allen’s heart and asks if he’s afraid to die.

Allen gives Tyki a determined, fearless look, not answering.

Tyki stares at Allen, then calls him a killjoy and removes his hand from Allen’s chest without harming him, losing interest. Tyki tells Allen he’s disappointed, as he wanted to meet him again in his “white” form to play another round of cards with him, but he can’t as he’s busy killing people on his list.

Tyki then pulls out one of the cards the Earl had given him and asks Allen if he is Allen Walker.