D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Crossroads is the fifty-seventh chapter in the D.Gray-man series, written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


A weak and bloodied Allen Walker opens his eyes and sees the moon drawing in closer. Weak but panicked, he holds out his hand and tells it to stay away.

Later, as the sun rises, an unknown female walks through the bamboo forest, lost in a fog and noting how the air smells like death. She trips over something, and then looks back to see Allen’s lifeless body.

Elsewhere, Lenalee Lee and Lavi ride on Lavi’s hammer, looking for Allen and Suman Dark. Just as Lavi assures Lenalee that they’ll find them, a nearby mountain explodes and they look over to see Timcanpy fleeing from a hoard of Akuma. Lenalee saves Timcanpy from the missiles that the Akuma had fired at him, and Lavi uses one of his hammer’s seals to destroy the Akuma.

Timcanpy then leads them to where Allen had been, but when Lavi and Lenalee arrive to find Allen and Suman gone, the ground stained with blood, Lenalee collapses, crying.

As Lavi picks one the ace of spades from Allen’s deck, on the ground, Bookman calls them over Lavi’s golem and tells them to come back to Anita’s ship, as someone has arrived.

When they arrive, Sammo Han Won of the Asian Branch tells them that Allen is in Asian Branch’s care, but that they have to go on without him, as, with his Innocence destroyed, Allen is no longer an Exorcist.

Anita points out that, with her ship damaged, they can’t leave, regardless, and Sammo Han tells them that a new Exorcist has arrived to help him.

The group looks up to see Miranda Lotto onboard the ship, assessing the damage.