D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Destroyer of Time (時の破壊者, Toki no Hakaisha) is the fifty-eighth chapter in the D.Gray-man series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


After she has checked the damaged ship over, Miranda steps onto the dock and activates her Innocence, the Time Record, to repair the ship. Upon seeing everyone’s shocked reactions, though, she fears she overstepped her boundaries in fixing the ship and throws herself into the ocean.

Once Miranda has been fished out of the water, Anita’s crew prepares the ship and they set sail for Japan.

In the captain’s quarters, Miranda outfits the Exorcists with new uniforms sent by Komui. Miranda turns to Lenalee to offer her her new uniform, but Lenalee is staring off into space, unresponsive. Bookman tells Miranda that Lenalee is having a hard time with Allen’s accident.

Lavi punches a hole in the cabin window and, trying to shock Lenalee out of her depression, tells her that, in war, comrades are lost, and that there was nothing they could have done for them.

Lenalee simply, silently sheds a tear, and Bookman scolds Lavi for being harsh. Then, in a language only he and Lavi can understand, Bookman reminds Lavi that they are Bookmen and that they cannot be drawn into the war, that Lavi is to remain unbiased and emotionally distant. Lavi apologizes and Bookman slaps him again.

Bookman then notes that he doesn’t believe that Allen, as the “Destroyer of Time,” is gone just yet, as it is possible that Allen is the one meant to destroy the Earl.