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Admittance to the Castle (入城, Nyuujō) is the sixth chapter in the D.Gray-man (Manga) series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen stands with his left arm extended, as Timcanpy flies off of his hand. There is a rose cross to the right.


Allen is allowed entry into the Black Order. He has his Innocence examined by Komui, and is taken to meet Hevlaska.


Permitted access to the Black Order, the gates open for Allen and he is summoned inside. Still suspicious, Kanda refuses to remove his sword from Allen’s face, demanding a more thorough explanation. Komui assures Kanda that Allen is Cross’ student, and that Timcanpy should be proof enough. Kanda is then hit in the head with a clipboard by Lenalee Lee, who orders both Kanda and Allen to go inside or the gates will be shut on them.

As Lenalee offers to take Allen to see Komui, Kanda turns to walk off, completely brushing Allen off when the latter introduces himself by saying he “doesn’t shake hands with cursed people”. Lenalee apologizes for Kanda and starts leading Allen through the Order, Allen’s progress being watched by the guards and five men in black robes. After giving Allen a tour of the building, Lenalee takes Allen to Komui, who comments that he’s had a rough day (to the chagrin of those in the room who know that the incident was Komui’s fault).

Komui takes Allen to an examination room and inspects his Innocence, noting that Kanda’s attack damaged the nerves. When he has Allen invoke his Innocence, Komui notes that Allen is a “Parasite Type”, a rare type of Accommodator who can change their body into an Anti-Akuma weapon. When Komui brandishes several dangerous-looking drills, he explains to Allen’s horror that they are for repairing his arm, warning him not to look. As he (nonchalantly) repairs the now unconscious Allen’s arm, Komui is asked by Lenalee how he can be sure that Allen is human. Komui replies that humans are the only creatures who can be cursed.

After a now traumatized Allen has regained consciousness, Komui takes him to an aerial lift, where Allen meets the silhouetted Great Generals. When asked to “prove his worth”, Allen is seized and taken off of the lift by long, glowing hands and brought up to the face of a strange creature. The glowing hands break down further into feelers that wrap around Allen’s left arm, shocking him. Komui simply smiles up at him and comments that Allen’s Innocence is magnificent, then speaks to the creature, addressing it as Hevlaska, holding Allen and asks how it likes him (Allen).


Chapter Notes[]

  • Komui mentions that only humans can be cursed.
  • Allen has been cursed by Mana which might hint that Mana was capable of using Magic.
  • Lenalee mentions that Kanda is a bit angry become he just returned from a mission. This mission is revealed in the novels to be the mission in Daukern.


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