D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Left Arm (左腕, Hidariude) is the sixty-first chapter in the D.Gray-man series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen, initially shocked upon hearing that his arm can be restored, quickly becomes elated.

Bak is just inviting Allen to go somewhere warmer when the girl, For, sails through the air and kicks Bak in the face and into the wall before starting to shout at Allen about getting out of bed. Ignoring Bak when he shouts at her about kicking him, For then demands that Allen introduce himself to her.

Allen complies before fishing for her name, which Sammo Han tells him is ‘For.’ Sammo Han then explains that For is the guardian deity of the Asian Branch before introducing himself to Allen.

Allen thanks them graciously for saving and taking care of him.

Later, as he gets a tour of the building, Allen is shocked to learn that Asian Branch is underground.

For teasingly warns Allen not to get lost, as some (hinted towards being Bak) have been known to take wrong turns and get lost and nearly starve to death.

Miffed, Bak leads Allen into a room filled with a thick fog, explaining to Allen that the fog is actually a cloud of particles made up of his crushed Innocence. He then notes that, normally, when Innocence is crushed to such an extent it ceases to exist, but Allen’s goes against this and continues to be viable.

For explains that they came to this conclusion when, as she carried Allen back to Asian Branch, the ‘fog’ she had thought was thick in the area followed them back.

Bak says they can’t explain how it happened, but that Komui felt Allen was special.

Just then, three young Science Division members, Rikei, Shifu and Rohfa arrive, wanting to watch as Allen tries to resynchronize. When Allen greets them, Rohfa immediately becomes smitten with him.

Bak grudgingly tells them they can stay, then tells Allen that if he can weaponize he can return to battle.

Once he’s standing alone in the middle of the room, Allen prepares himself, apologizing to the Innocence for losing before attempting to invoke.

Initially, his arm begins to reform, but just before it has seemed to stabilize, it turns into ash again.

After attempting to invoke for a solid hour, Bak and the three Science Division members mull over why Allen can synchronize but can’t form his arm completely, wondering if his Innocence simply isn’t too far gone.

Exhausted but determined, Allen assures the Innocence that he’s not done trying yet.