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Operation (作戦, Sakusen) is the sixty-second chapter in the D.Gray-man series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Once again, Allen manages to synchronize, but the invocation quits sooner than it had previously and Allen is thrown back by the force of it and slammed into a pillar.

Allen notes to himself that the more he tries, the harder it gets to make his Innocence take form even partway. Distraught, he thinks on how he has to get back outside, as he can’t stop thinking about the dream with Lenalee.

Now determined, Allen stands quickly, only to crack his head on Bak’s jaw as the man hovers over him. Allen starts to help Bak gather the contents of the binder he’d dropped, only to stop and stare when he sees they’re dozens of pictures of Lenalee.

Screaming, Bak takes the binder back and, without being asked, denies that they were taken without permission. When Allen innocently asks of Bak is fond of Lenalee, Bak breaks out into hives.

Later, when Sammo Han has Bak lying down and relaxing, Bak explains that there are differences in activating an equipment type Innocence and a parasite type: equipment types are harder to control as they have to be forced to suit the Accommodator’s needs, but parasite types, themselves, are the weapons, so they bond easier.

Relating this to Allen’s case, Bak explains that, when they format equipment types for Accommodators, they learn everything about that particular Innocence’s style to achieve a suitable form. He concludes that the reason Allen can’t synchronize and the reason they can’t help him is because he doesn’t understand his Innocence well enough to develop the style he needs.

When Allen asks how he’s supposed to do this, Bak replies that they’ll have to take drastic measures before taking Allen to For’s guardian door. Bak then calls out to For, telling Allen that he’ll have to fight for his life.

Behind Allen, For emerges from the door, calling ‘babysitting’ Allen a ‘pain’ before warning him that she wont’ go easy on him and attacking, her arms turning into giant scythes. With Allen frozen in place, For places one of her blades against his neck, noting that he just ‘lost his head’ before kicking him aside.

Nervous but excited, Bak explains to Allen that the quickest way for him to learn about his Innocence is through combat, as people faced with death can achieve great development.

Allen agrees to continue with the training, saying they’ll call it “Operation Cornered Rat.”


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