D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Dark and Stormy Skies (暗雲の空, Anun no Sora) is the sixty-third chapter in the D.Gray-man seires written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


From the shadows, Rikei, Shifu and Rohfa watch Allen and For train, For raining down a constant barrage of bladed and kicked attacks on Allen while Allen does his best to dodge.

Briefly, Allen manages to form his Cross arm and block an attack, but For’s blades cut through it and ‘cuts’ his head off.

After a stunned moment, Allen realizes his head is still on his body, then turns when For yawns.

For, her form crackling and fizzing at the edges, apologizes, saying she’s tired after training for ten hours and needs to nap so she can properly maintain her physical form.

As she leaves, Allen notes that if she hadn’t been tired, he would have lost his head. The shock of this causes him to pass out, and Rohfa immediately runs to his side.

Bak, who has been watching Allen’s training through a golem, scolds the three before telling them to get Allen to bed. He then returns to a phone call he had been having with Komui, telling him that Allen needs more time.

Komui warns Bak to keep an eye on him, as Allen tends to overwork himself, before being forced to hang up on Bak as Reever runs into Komui’s office, announcing that Generals Klaud Nine and Winters Socalo have arrived.

In the cathedral at the European Branch, Klaud Nine sheds a tear for her Exorcist apprentices that had died during combat, noting that they no longer have to bear the cross.

Behind her, Winters Socalo says he has nothing to say to a ‘bunch of losers.’

They both turn when Komui walks into the room and, bowing, tells them that the Great Generals wish to see them.

Meanwhile, over Anita’s ship, an Akuma with spider web-like wings hovers in the air.