D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Level 3 (レベル3, Reberu 3) is the sixty-fourth chapter in the D.Gray-man series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


On Anita’s ship, Lenalee has just finished taking a shower and dresses in her new uniform.

In her cabin, Anita is charting their course, noting that they’ll arrive in Edo in two days. She then turns to the door when Lenalee walks in and asks to borrow hair ties. Anita brushes out Lenalee’s hair for her and secures them with special hair clips that had belonged to her mother, who had been planning on giving them to her (Anita) when she had turned eighteen, though Anita’s mother was killed by an Akuma before it happened and hadn’t been able to wear them since.

When Lenalee asks if Anita’s mother was a Black Order supporter, Anita explains that her mother had fallen in love with Cross at first sight and became a supporter immediately after. Lenalee then asks if Anita believes that Cross is alive, and Anita says she does, as the thought that he is the only thing that sustains her.

On the deck of the ship, Lavi is looking at the ace of spades that had belong to Allen’s deck of cards, remembering Bookman’s warning to not be drawn into the war and reminding himself that he is not the comrade of the other Exorcists, but just a Bookman there to record history.

Behind him, an unknown figure lands on the deck, and in the cabin Miranda suddenly sits up and notes that her Time Record is experiencing multiple Time Recoveries, and that the ship is under attack.

On the deck, Mahoja arrives to see an Akuma has snapped the main mast, and that the Akuma has taken Lavi down.

Just then, Lavi’s hammer, grown into its large form, slams into the Akuma’s side and attacks it with a pillar of flame

As Miranda’s Time Record heals him, Lavi gets back to his feet and is shocked to see his Innocence didn’t damage the Akuma.

The Akuma bats Lavi’s hammer aside with enough force to send Lavi flying across the deck. Before he can react, the Akuma is over Lavi again, throwing a fisted hand at his head.

All over the ship, the other Exorcists and Anita hear the commotion.