D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Title (「題名(タイトル)...」, Taitoru...) is the sixty-fifth chapter in the D.Gray-man series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Back on the ship on route to Edo, Lenalee finally decides to accept the fact that Allen had to be left behind and she puts on her new Exorcist uniform. However, the ship is attacked by Eshii, a powerful Level 3 akuma, who was once a Japanese painter, which explains why he uses the word "Title" before every attack. Lavi and Bookman fiercely fight against Eshii, but is no match for him, resulting in Bookman getting a serious injury, only saved temporarily by Miranda's power. Realizing that everyone is in serious danger, Lenalee leaves the ship to confront Eshii alone.


Mahoja cries out to Lavi as the Akuma throws a punch directly at his head, the latent force nearly sinking the ship before Miranda’s Time Recovery saves it.

Lavi is stunned to see the blow to his head has been staved off, a bed of black needles in front of his face shielding him.

Bookman calls out to his Heaven Compass, which he had used to defend Lavi, and directs the needles to cover the Akuma’s entire body, stilling it.

When the Akuma asks why the Bookman hasn’t finished, him, Bookman assures him he will after he asks a few questions. When Bookman asks why the Akuma is out in the middle of the ocean, the Akuma tauntingly asks if they want information about Cross Marian.

The Akuma then bites down on Bookman’s arm and flies skyward with him.

Lavi cries out after them and uses his hammer’s pole extension to shoot up after them, but before he can get there there is an explosion overhead, Lavi just able to catch Bookman’s unconscious form as black needles rain down around him.

Just then, Lenalee shoots past Lavi, telling him to go back to the ship as she flies for the Akuma.

When the Akuma frames her in with its hands and starts its usual “Title,” Lenalee tauntingly fills in the rest with “I’m going to kill you.”