D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

From Sea and Clouds (海と雲から, Umi to Kumo Kara) is the sixty-sixth chapter in the D.Gray-man series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


As he is forced to descend with the unconscious Bookman, Lavi calls out to Lenalee that she can’t take the Akuma alone, as it is at least a Level 3.

Ignoring him, Lenalee starts to fight with the Akuma, using her speed to flip around above it and start to exchange blows with it.

When it hits her across the face, Lenalee takes advantage of their positioning to wrap her legs around its arm and toss it back down towards the ocean. She then descends after it, assuring Lavi as she passes him that she is alright and that she will catch up with them later.

As Lenalee leaves, Bookman regains consciousness enough to warn Lavi to go back to the ship, as there are more Akuma in the clouds.

Just then, from overhead, shots rain down from the clouds and focus on the ship. Several shots hit the giant clock above the ship that is Miranda’s invoked Time Record, and the pain causes her to collapse. She is about to be hit by a blow when several of the ship’s crew shield her with their bodies, assuring her when she cries out to them that they’ve already been hit too many times and that they have nothing to lose by shielding her.

Krory, invoked and enraged, flies upwards and starts staving off the Akuma missiles. When he sees several head for Miranda’s giant clock again and realizes he can’t stop them, he’s shocked to see a snake of fire appear and surround it protectively, Lavi’s voice apologizing to him before he and Bookman arrive on the deck again, both healing once they’re in Miranda’s Time Record range.

Anita takes control of the ship’s wheel and starts giving orders for the crew to get the ship moving again. Mahoja then comes up behind her and puts her hands over Anita’s, telling her that the ship is a bit too big for someone of her size to control alone.

Anita thanks Mahoja, and out over the water, Lenalee continues descending as, in front of her, the Level 3 Akuma rises out of the water again.