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Around the Time You Fall Asleep (そして眠りにつく頃に, Soshite nemuri ni tsuku koro ni) is the eighty-sixth chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) Manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


In Edo, the Exorcists are facing gigantic Akumas who are actually several level 3 akumas fused together. Lavi is fighting Tyki Mikk and he seems to have som trouble. He remarks that even though Tyki is able to phase through anything this does not apply to Innocence as he noticed in Timcanpy's record of his encounter with Allen. He summons a thunder beast with his hammer on Tyki who sends his Tease. The Giant akumas produce brillant blasts of Dark Matter and Miranda Lotto has to use her innocence to protect everyone with a time shield. The exorcist try to find a solution to get rid of the level 3.5 . Chomesuke propose to fly them to the head of the machine given that she will soon give up to her murderous instinct anyways. When it happens, she will self destroys following Cross Marian's programmation.

The Earl orders Jasdevi to find Cross immediately since he suspects him to be after the Ark and involved with the other exorcists. They can't leave until Road Kamelot completed the downloading. The twins asks if they can help but Skinn Bolic states that only The Earl and Road can do so. The Earl adds that jadis there was another player for the Ark: A noah that betrayed them. He was killed by the earl but before that he gave his power to another person. Figuring that Cross may be that person, the twins go back to their job.

In China, Allen is on the depart. Bak gives him a radio earring connected to Komui Lee. Komui explains that they will use that to follow him in the ark. Before he leave the juniors give Allen his card game to which they added the ace of space that was missing(In Lavi's hands). Allen finally enters the "ship". He finds himself in a white southern town.

In Edo the exorcists on the head of Chomesuke reach the head of the giant akumas but the modified akuma is hit and is destroyed in the air to the horror of Lavi. At the edge of the city, Tiedoll Unit shows up with in the vanguard.


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