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Tiedoll's Entry (ティエドール、エントリー "Tiedooru, Entorii) is the eighty seventh chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


General Froi Tiedoll and his two disciples Noise Marie and Yu Kanda comtemplate the battlefield. Tiedoll asks Marie what he hears and the latter recognizes the voices of Marian Unit members. Tiedoll sends them to help. He is asks about his intentions by the person who escorted them: A Modified Akuma. The latter asks what why he followed him if he knew and Tiedoll replies that he has his own reasons before the akuma , torn by hunger self-destructs following Marian programming.

On the roofs of the capital, Krory and Bookman have a hard time dealing with the giant akuma. Lavi faces the same ordeal with Tyki. After ejecting Lavi, the Noah heads to Lenalee Lee and Miranda Lotto. The two female exorcists can't do much in their condition and Tyki catches Lenalee, telling her to die gracefully. As he prepares to finish her, Chaozii Han punches him but the fist passes through Tyki's body. The man orders Tease to kill him but he is fortunately stopped by Yu Kanda who arrives through the roof below. Still holding Lenalee Tyki parries his blows but hindered by her he sends her on Kanda followed by a blast of Dark matter. Lavi protects them with his hammer and greets his friend.

Meanwhile the giant akumas seems immobilized. This is a performance of Marie's string innocence. The melody deals damage to the akuma and Kanda takes advantage of it to pass to the second illusion, jump and destroy the akuma in one blow. Arystar and Bookman note his force and Kanda threatens Lavi out of calling him by his first name. Before they can savor their victory, the Millennium Earl rises in the night producing a sphere of dark matter that grows, again and again to . When he releases the attack, the whole city is obliterated.


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