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Tragicomedy (トラジコメディ , Torajikomedi) is the eighty ninth chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Allen grabs The Earl's arm and project him. The earl replies with a blast of Dark matter Allen protects himself from. The Earl takes Lero and draws a huge large sword out of him he uses to attack the exorcist. The clown parries with his claw and the earl notes that he looks like the white clown who chases the august one, a comical child that is. Suddenly there is a smoke screen and the earl vanishes. Lavi first attacks Allen mistaking him for an akuma. Just as he realizes his error, Kanda makes the same mistake and they argue. They realize that all the Noah have disappeared. The three young men have a spicy reunion.

In the Noah's Ark Tyki Mikk and Skinn Bolic are carried by the Earl who took them out of the fight. They ask him why they retreated and he replies but he doesn't answer. Road Kamelot shows herself and declares that she completed her part of the downloading and that there is only 4 hours left before it is over. The earl adds that Allen is alive and Tyki failed his mission. Jasdevi twins on their sides have once again fallen for a ruse of Cross Marian and are left with a chicken and alcohol bottles.

The Exorcists gather under a bridge. Tiedoll explains that he has no intention to help Cross and is only here to look for an accommodator. He is sure that Marian uses them as bait. He believes that as they are so few exorcists they must absolutely survive and not sacrifice themselves. Lenalee wakes up to Allen. He apologizes for his inability to save Suman Dark but Lenalee assures him that he must have saved his soul. Their shed tears but suddenly Lenalee is engulfed by something beneath.


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