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A Key and Four Doors (鍵と4つの扉 "Kagi to Yottsu no Tobira) is the nintey first chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) Manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Whilst Tiedoll battles the giant akumas outside, Miranda, Bookman, Kie and Maosa shelter under the bridge. Miranda is exhausted has her power is still activated to heal the exorcist from their wounds. She explains that she only heal their past wounds but their new wounds won't disappear. In the Ark, the man holding the key is Tyki Mikk (complete with glasses). He headbutts Allen blaming him for his being laughed at by the earl and his brats. He proposes them to give them an exit under the form of the key. A door of Road's appears and he details that this key will allow him to leave the ark if they manage to open the four doors on the way and reach the top tower. A building falls on him and he disappears after tossing the key to Kanda. Allen wonders if this is not cheating sine the Noah are told to be immortal. tyki laughs out loud stating that they may beleave that because they are too weak.

The place starts to crumble and Lenalee even falls. She is rescued by Allen and the exorcists decide to play Tyki's game and search for the next door. They find it and open it . They join their hands before opening it. Only Kanda refuses to join them. They open the door and find themselves in a snowy room with rainbows and three moons. Kanda notices an opponent approaching: Skinn Bolic. He orders them to go on as he will stay behind to fight him. The Noah tracked his General and this is his mission to kill him.


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