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Noah's Memory, Part 4 (ノアズ·メモリー·4, Noazu Memorii 4) is the ninety sixth chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Yu Kanda walks away, victorious of his fight with Skinn Bolic. The Noah immobile on his knees utters in his mind "Innocence must pay" and recalls his past. Three years ago, New Orlans, United States Skin asks a priest about Noah. They make the presentations and the priest asks him why he asks him about Noah. Skin answers and he feels strange, his head bleeds. He removes his handbands and shows crosses on his forehead. The priest recognizes them as stigma.

From there Skinn was taken in charge by the church. He screamed in pain night after night. With the pain came doom nightmares and Skin sent like a presence inside him. A night as he was gnawing his fingers, Road Kamelot and the Earl appeared to him. They found their long-lost brother . Road gave him sweets to eat instead of his fingers. The Earl explained that he is one of the thirteen children chosen by God. He now sees the worls as he really is. Later Skin is seen not in pain anymore. He wakes up and tells the priest that today he is going home. He adds to kill everyone he has been in contact with as the priest is revealed to have been turned into an Akuma. Skinn repeats that innocence must pay and sees the memory in the glass.

Kanda has trouble to reach the door with all his wounds. He suddenly sights a thunderbold behind him. Skinn is still alive and prepares to blast him and the exit with him. Kanda takes his sabers and prepares to counter the attack


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