D.Gray-man Encyclopedia

Twin's Room (ツインズ・ルーム, Tsuinzu Ruumu) is the ninety-eight chapter of the D.Gray-man (Manga) manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Tikky and Road remarking on Skin's loss. They both realize they are crying without realizing it so decides it must be from the Noad genes. Just then Devit and Jasdero come into the room by kicking the door down, road asks why their tears are black and the say it's because their makeup has run. They talk about their different parts of the Noah and say that because Skinn believed himself to be the strongest as Wrath he ultimately led himself to his demise. Tyki then asks the twins if they should be out catching Cross which infuriates them, they explain they tried to track him down but all he left them with was a large bill and gambling debts to pay. Road looks over the bills and realizes that Allen is also associated with Cross' debts and explains this to the twins.

After passing through the Skinn room the group minus Kanda find themselves in a long hallway, as they survey their surroundings the floor begins to break apart. they start to run for their lives and whilst running Krory asks Lenalee to hand him one of the flasks in his pocket which contains the blood of Chomesuke. He drink the blood and then has enough power to hold on to the whole group whilst moving at blinding speed. He gets the group through the hall and they find themselves in a massive room that looks like a library. before they can properly get their baring the Twins appear and introduce themselves. they explain that they are angry at Cross and intend to take it out on Allen as he is Cross' apprentice. they begin to battle Allen and use their powers through guns they both have. The twins ask whether taking Allen hostage will draw out Cross to which Allen instantly replies no way.