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Charles (チャールズ, Chāruzu) is the partner of the police officer Moore. He was killed by an Akuma during an investigation of an old church which was rumoured to be haunted.


Charles wears the typical, old-style British police uniform.


For a policeman, Charles is easily scared and seems to be more than slightly superstitious, as shown when he was reluctant to enter a supposedly haunted church.


Introduction arc

Charles dying.

Charles is first seen trying to call his partner, Moore Hesse, to try to keep her from going into a dilapidated church, fearing that the townspeople were right in calling it cursed. When Moore chastises him, he reluctantly follows her inside.[1] Once inside, Charles cries out when he feels something on his leg, only to realise it is a cat, and when a colony of bats run swarm them, Charles is knocked over. When he looks up again, Moore and the cat are gone.[2] While Moore is gone, Charles runs into an Akuma, which ties him to a pillar and shoots him. Unforunately, he is already dead by the time Moore reaches him, the Akuma virus spreading through his body and breaking him down.[3]


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