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Chomesuke (ちょめ助, chomesuke) was a modified Level 2 Akuma that worked for General Cross Marian after he refined her. Her human form is a woman named Sachiko (サチコ, sachiko).


Chomesuke's Akuma form is that of a large, golden, bipedal fish-like creature with a wide-open mouth and an orb-shaped face with swirly eyes inside. Her Akuma form was given the name "Chomesuke" by Lavi, and Chomesuke kept it because she found it cute.[1]

When in her human form, Sachiko, she appears as a beautiful young woman with red hair, similarly colored eyes and a pink kimono.


Being modified by Cross, Chomesuke has her bloodlust suppressed. She is often seen in a more comical light, being nonchalant and drinking a soda when suggesting that the reason Lenalee's Innocence modified itself to protect Lenalee was because it is the Heart,[2] and then while being harassed by a suspicious Lavi.[3] She does, though, still retain some of her Akuma attributes, such as her instinctual fear of Akuma who outrank her[4] and her built-in need to obey the Earl of Millennium's orders, though she is remorseful for it.[5] Like all of Cross' altered Akuma, Chomesuke is designed to self-destruct when her Akuma bloodlust resurfaces.[6]

Lavi is shown to have inklings of a mild crush on Chomesuke, particularly her human form.[7] Chomesuke, in return, displays some sort of feeling in return, apologizing to him, personally, when she cannot ignore the Earl's orders[8] and worrying about him when he tries to reassure her about their group's intentions to fight the Earl.[9]


Edo and Asian Branch arc[]


Chomesuke holding Lenalee inside of the crystal

After Lenalee Lee sank into the ocean upon winning her battle with the Akuma Eshi, Lavi went out to look for her, only to run into an Akuma. Just as Lavi is fretting about not being able to fight while using his hammer as a transport, the Akuma asks if he is "Junior," knowing him to be Bookman's apprentice.[10] The Akuma then asks for Lavi's help transporting the giant crystal it is carrying, remarking that it isn't an easy thing for an Akuma to carry. Upon looking at the crystal closer, Lavi sees that it contains Lenalee.[11]

Lavi accuses the Akuma of hurting Lenalee, to which the Akuma responds by telling Lavi that the crystal is her Innocence, which likely acted to protect her. The Akuma then begs for Lavi's help again, as holding the giant crystal of Innocence is damaging its body. Just then, Timcanpy arrives and lands on the Akuma's head, and when Lavi wonders why Timcanpy is reacting in such a way to the Akuma, the Akuma informs Lavi that it is an altered Akuma sent by Cross Marian.[12]

The Akuma carries Lenalee back to Anita's ship and sets her, still trapped within the crystal, on the deck, and when Bookman and Lavi start to mull over why Lenalee's Innocence acted out to protect her, the Akuma suggests that Lenalee's Innocence is the Heart.[13] Lavi hits the Akuma with his Innocence hammer a bit, telling it he still doesn't trust it, but Bookman tells Lavi to stand down, remarking that Cross can alter Akuma to obey him and that if Timcanpy trusts the Akuma then the Akuma is telling the truth. The Akuma then demands that Lavi thank it, informing him that it was the one who had kept the ship afloat during Eshi's assault.[14]

Then, the Akuma informs the group that Cross is alive and in Japan, where he is in the middle of his misson to destroy an Akuma factory. While the group marvels over the fact that Cross is actually doing his job, the Akuma gives them a message directly from Cross, who tells them to go back as they'll only slow him down.[15] Japan is under the Earl's control and its capital, Edo, is a nest of Level 3 Akuma.

Just then, Lenalee's Innocence shines brightly and the crystal disappears, leaving Lenalee lying on the deck with circular patterns covering her legs. When Lenalee regains consciousness and urges the group to continue to Edo,[16] the Akuma helps them by pushing the ship, Lavi marveling its strength and giving it the name "Chomesuke," which it admits is a cute name.[17] Chomesuke then tells Lavi that it can't push them much further, as it is running out of time for "personal reasons."

When the group decides to go the rest of the way by longboat, Miranda Lotto unable to keep the ship afloat much longer due to the strain of keeping the heavily damaged ship in a time where it can still be used, Chomesuke joins them on the deck as the group says their goodbyes to those who died and are only being kept alive by Miranda's Time Record.[18] After the only three survivors from Anita's crew board the longboat Chomesuke is holding level with the deck, Anita says her goodbyes with Lenalee, telling her to grow her hair back out and staying behind with her attendant and friend, Mahoja, as Chomesuke carries the boat away from the ship, both Anita and Mahoja having sustained fatal damage during the battle.[19]


Chomesuke in human form guiding the Exorcists to Edo.

Miranda ends Time Record's invocation, the crew, Anita and Mahoja included, die, and the ship sinks into the ocean as Chomesuke holds the longboat and its passengers out of the way. Chomesuke then pushes the longboat the rest of the way to Edo, welcoming them to Japan's shores.[20] After assuming a human form, Chomesuke leads them on, explaining that, because of Japan's isolation, ninety percent of Japan's population is Akuma, and that the Earl is basically the unspoken ruler.[21]


Chomesuke notices the web around Kawamura

Chomesuke remarks that, like humans, not even Akuma are safe in Japan, and just as Lavi asks her what she means, Chomesuke sees someone up the path. A woman in a furisode calls Chomesuke "Sachiko," and Chomesuke recognizes her as "Kawamura," explaining when asked as she runs towards Kawamura that Kawamura is a friend of hers and another of Cross' altered Akuma.[22] Just as Chomesuke is gretting Kawamura, Kawamura's human body breaks and her Akuma form begins to come out, her entire body trapped in a giant web. Chomesuke runs back to and hides the group, explaining as they watch in shock as three Level 3 Akuma approach Kawamura that Kawamura had been meant to guide them on, but that she must have gotten caught. As Kawamura is eaten, Chomesuke says that when too many Akuma are gathered in one area, they begin to cannibalize in order to stay sane.[23]

After the Level 3 Akuma have moved on, Chomesuke, unable to pass the group over to the one who was intended to be their next guide, continues to lead the group. When they reach the top of the staircase, Chomesuke starts to look ill, and when asked by Lavi (who calls her Sachiko only to be told by Chomesuke to keep calling her Chomesuke), Chomesuke thinks to herself that she doesn't have much time left.[24] Then, Chomesuke collapses, holding her head and saying that she's receiving a transmission from the Earl and that the Earl is summoning all Akuma in Japan.

Chomesuke then screams out, and as the group surrounds her, calling out to her and telling her to fight it, the transmission from the Earl increases in strength and Chomesuke's eyes change. She then abruptly stands and apologizes, saying that the Earl has just entered Edo and that she is compelled to go to his side.[25]

Later, when the group arrives in Edo and begins to attack the Earl, Chomesuke is still by their side, clearly under great strain and terrified. When she asks if they intend to fight the Earl, telling them that, with the Noah and all of the Akuma he has with him, they don't stand a chance, Lavi tries to reassure her.[26]

As the battle commences, a Giant Akuma forms and attacks the group, and Chomesuke volunteers to get Bookman and Arystar Krory closer to it. When Lenalee expresses her concern, Chomesuke replies that her desire to kill is surfacing and she would like to help them one last time.[27] Bookman asks her what will happen when her urge to kill takes over, and Chomesuke tells him that Cross designed her to self-destruct when it does. She then takes on her Akuma form and lets Bookman and Krory onto her back, starting to fly them towards the top of the Giant Akuma.


Even though badly damaged Chomesuke continues to help

Later, as Komui Lee talks to Allen Walker as the latter uses Noah's Ark to try to get to Edo, scenes are shown of Chomesuke carrying Bookman and Krory closer to the Giant Akuma with Timcanpy riding on her head, her left arm and leg and part of her face being blown off in the process.[28] When she gets them close enough, Bookman and Krory leap towards the Akuma, and a sad look crosses Chomesuke's face before she is hit by another attack from the Giant Akuma and explodes, dying. Her soul is thus lost forever.[29]


Briefly, Lavi is shown watching her final moments in shock. Sometime before she died, she gave Krory several flasks-worth of her own blood, which he is later seen using during his fight with Jasdevi. The blood allows him to survive critical wounds and even to get on the same level as his opponent before the effect wears out. [30]

Abilities and Powers[]

As an Akuma, Chomesuke has several Akuma-inherent abilities, and as an Akuma altered by Cross Marian, she is able to resist the orders of the Earl and the Noah Family to an extent to use these abilites to help Cross and, by extension, the Black Order.

Flight: Chomesuke has been seen both levitating and flying in her Akuma form, using both to carry passengers[31] and speed up transportation.[32]

Enhanced Strength: Chomesuke has been shown to be capable of pushing a fully loaded, large ship at incredible speeds.[33]

Self-Destruction: Like all Akuma, Chomesuke has a self-destruction sequence, though hers is set to activate when her urge to kill takes over her spell-altered mind.[34]


  • Chomesuke is interested in collecting cute things, likes people who pay attention to her and dislikes Innocence.[35]


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