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Cosimov (コジモ , Kojimo) was a clown in the Garvey Circus Troupe. He was the star performer until Mana arrived and took his place.



Cosimov without makeup

Cosimov is a rather tall lean young man with short fair straight hair. In his clown outfit he wears a wig and make-up.


Cosimov was a cruel and deplorable individual, willing to sadistically abuse a child who could do little to defend himself, mainly whenever he was in a bad mood . He had rather jealous and vicious tendencies, and had no qualms using others to achieve his goals. He was also manipulative and violent.


Cosimov claims that he has some noble blood. However he ended up as an errant boy who was eventually bought by the Garvey Circus in which he became the star performer. [1]

Some day before the holidays, Mana arrived and his performance with his dog, Allen, allowed him to become increasingly popular. The circus settles in the town of Edinstown to perform. Some evening, after the show Cosimov goes to Red who was cleaning the equipment and inquires that Red smiles and congratulates him. As the boy does not obey, Cosimov gets angry and starts to beat him up. The Ringmaster hearing the commotion appears and Cosimov deceives him into believing Red was slacking off. After the ringmaster scolds Red, both men leave the tent.[2]

The next day, Cosimov pins Allen down and forcefully shows his red arm to other members of the Circus. After releasing him, Cosimov says that they are not so different as they both were bought and complains about being stuck here despite his origins. [3] While distributing leaflets, Cosimov learns by a fellow performer's mouth that the ringmaster plans to have Mana take his place and throw him into the street.[4]

Jealous of Mana and Allen’s fame, Cosimov tried to make Red (Allen Walker) feed glass to Allen in order to kill him, but Red refused. Cosimov beat him for not going along with his plan.

Later, he decided to kill the dog himself by beating him to death, and made the whole troupe believe Red did it. Enraged by the accusation, Red attacked him but was restrained by other members of the troupe when Cosimov exaggerated his injury. Undeterred, Red charged towards Cosimov but he was stopped by Mana.[5]

Some time later, the Earl of Millennium attacked the circus with a number of Akuma, and Cosimov was killed during the attack.


The ringmaster:


Mana Walker:



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